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Scheduling widget URL encryption

Resource representation

{ "cipherUrl": {string}, "shortenerUrl": {string}, "expiration": {number}, "numberOfAllowedAppointments": {number} }
Parameter name Value Description Notes
cipherUrl string Cipher url.
shortenerUrl string Short cipher url.
expiration number Expiration timestamp.
numberOfAllowedAppointments number Number of allowed appointments.


Authentication is required to execute this request. Please refer to Authentication for more.


HTTP Request

POST https://api.agendize.com/api/2.3/companies/{companyId}/cipherUrl

Request body

In the request body, supply the following properties:

Parameter name Value Description
Required Properties
url string URl to cipher.
shortener boolean Generate a short cipher url.
validity number Expiration delay in hours (0 = no expiration), (validity > 0 if numberOfAllowedAppointments > 0).
numberOfAllowedAppointments number Number of allowed appointments (validity > 0 if numberOfAllowedAppointments > 0).


If successful, this method returns a Cipher resource in the response body.