Getting started

Welcome to Agendize API

Agendize APIs have been created to add world-class fungibility to the world's leading customer engagement platform. It allows apps to interact directly with your Agendize platform, enhancing abilities of usage as well as increasing the efficiency of managing large and complex partners deployments.

The API can do almost everything the Agendize solution does. Here are some illustrations:

The Agendize API uses REST and can be completed with our webhooks to better integrate the Agendize services with your ecosystem.

They are regularly updated and exist to help your business grow and continually validate your investment in Agendize.

Types of Agendize users that have benefited from the Agendize API include:

Get started

You are almost ready to use the complete set of Agendize APIs and enhance abilities of your customer relations. Start by:

  1. If not done yet, signing up for an Agendize account
  2. Requesting your API key to our wonderful Support team
  3. Read our Authentication best practices
  4. Browse our APIs documentation and start coding!
  5. Do not forget to use ContentType: application/json when sending POST or PUT requests

Not a developer?

Using Agendize API requires you to either be or hire a developer. However, you can enhance your abilities to use the platform through a various number of third-parties requiring no programming or complicated setup. Connect them by loging in to your Agendize account.

Here are examples of third-parties we are integrated with:

We're here to help!

We are always here to support you for any questions you may have. Browse our Github account, search our site for more information, send us an email, or reach out across social media via @agendize!