Agendize Actions API

UI Customization

With the Agendize User Interface Customization API, you can personalize any Agendize dialog box programmatically without having to log into your account.

var az_config = { // ... members go here };
Parameter name Description Type Value
borderColor Box border color color #666666
title Box title string #000000
text Box free text string #000000
ga_id Google Analytics tracker ID string
services Online & Personal Information Manager Services string [all].
Available services: facebook, twitter, bedo, stumbleupon, myspace, digg,, linkedin
hideClose Hide close ('X') button boolean false
closeText Box close text string X
hideBottomImage Hide bottom box image boolean false
bottomImageSrc Box bottom image source URL string X
borderRadius Box border radius string 7px 7px 7px 7px
borderWidth Box border width string 4px
privacyURL URL used for the box privacy link string
width Box width string 300px
height Box height string auto height
Scheduling Button:s
firstname Set the user first name field content in scheduling form string
lastname Set the user last name field content in scheduling form string
email Set the user email address field content in scheduling form string
phone Set the user phone field content in scheduling form string


<script type="text/javascript"> var az_config = { bgColor: '#FF0000', title: 'My Box', services : 'facebook,outlook,twitter', hideBottomImage: true }; </script>


To use the following API functions, you will need to add this script to your webpage:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Registering an Event Listener

Agendize events behave much like standard DOM events. To be notified when an event occurs, you must indicate which event you'd like to listen to and provide a callback function for the event itself.

agendize_box.addEventListener(type, listener);
Parameter name Description
type A string representing the event type to listen for.
listener A reference to the function handling this event.

Event Types:

Code Description Dispatched when a box is opened.
agendize.close Dispatched when a box is opened.


// Alert a message when the Agendize box is opening function agendizeOpen() { alert('Box opened'); } jQuery(document).ready(function(){ // Listen for the events agendize_box.addEventListener('', agendizeOpen); });