Agendize Actions API

SMS / Text Message

Send a SMS / Text message to a mobile phone.

Authentication is required to execute this request. Please refer to Authentication for more.


HTTP Request


Request body

In the request body, supply a request resource:

{ "recipient": { "phoneNumber": {string}, "name": {string} }, "sender": { "name": {string} }, "message": {string} }
Parameter name Value Description
Required Properties
recipient object The recipient informations.
recipient.phoneNumber string The phone number of the recipient.
message string The text message to send to the recipient phone number.
Optional Properties string The name displayed on the mobile phone. Depends of the mobile carrier.


If successful, this method returns a response content in the response body:

{ "status": "done", "recipient": { "phoneNumber": {string}, "name": {string} }, "sender": { "name": {string} }, "message": {string} }