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For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representation

{ "id": {string}, "firstName": {string}, "lastName": {string}, "email": {string}, "phone": {string}, "gender": {string}, "timeZone": {string}, "language:" {string}, "description": {string}, "picture": { "url": {string}, "mimeType": {string}, "data": {string} }, "address": { "street": {string}, "otherStreet": {string}, "zipCode": {string}, "state": {string}, "city": {string}, "country" : {string} }, "companyName": {string}, "title": {string}, "jobTitle": {string}, "webSiteLink: {string} }
Parameter name Value Description
id string Identifier of the client.
firstName string First name of the client.
lastName string Last name of the client.
email string Email address of the client.
phone string Phone number of the client.
mobilePhone string Mobile phone number of the client.
gender string Gender of the client. Values: "male", "female" or "undefined".
timeZone string Time zone of the client. Only if time zone has been specified.
language string Spoken language of the client. Only if client language has been specified.
description string Description of the client.
address object Postal address of the client.
address.street string Main street address.
address.otherStreet string Optional street address.
address.zipCode string Zip code of address.
address.state string State of address.
address.city string City of address.
address.country string Country of address.
picture object Client picture url and mime type.
picture.url string Url of the client picture.
picture.mimeType string Mime type of the client picture file.
picture.data string Binary data of the client picture file, base64 encoded with Data URI Scheme. Only use with insert and update methods.
companyName string company name of the client.
title string Title of the client. Values: "mr" or "mrs", "dr".
jobTitle string Job title of the client.
web´┐ŻiteLink string Web site URL of the client.